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The Most Durable Professional Insulation Services

Reduce your carbon footprint by over 50% and save on heating and cooling costs

Professional Insulation Experts

CHD Spray is a renowned name on insulation services in Canada BC. We offer home and commercial insulation services. Proper insulation is important for any home or commercial building and can help you save over 50% on cooling and heating costs. It also adds to the the aesthetic appeal of your house and office and reduces the risk of moisture accumulation.

Spray Foam

The most efficient way to insulate your home or commercial buildings. It is an application of liquid foam. It can possibly be injected, poured and foamed in place.

Fire Proofing

CHD Spray form uses foam sealant and insulating products that contain fire retardants. These foams are intended to resist flaming, and slow flame spread.

Batt Insulation

Most often used to insulate floors, walls, and ceilings. It comes in pre-cut panels & is generally made of fiberglass or rock & slag wool, and is available in natural cotton.

Blow Insulation

With existing, closed-up walls, blow-in insulation is the highly preferred way to go—unless you want to rip off exterior siding or interior drywall to access wall cavities.

Professional Experts in Drywall

When you design a space every element contributes to the look and feel and performance– even the drywall.  Whether you wish for healthier spaces or spaces where durable walls can handle anything, we know walls matter.
From interior to exterior walls, shaft walls, ceilings soffits, speciality installations, fire and sound rated assemblies, CHD Spray Foam is a professional agency dealing with dry walls and insulation services for the past many years. We undertake all types of commercial and residential projects and are known for our superior work quality exceeding our client’s expectations.
Our services include new drywall installation, drywall taping, drywall repairs to small or large areas, ceiling resurfacing, crown moulding and pot light installation.